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by Shirley Cason
Peaceful World Music

Stories from The Beach
This CD is a little more "Upbeat" than my other CDs.

My favorite songs are A Time for Us at The Beach & Catching Your Wave How cool it would be to hear Chris Botti or Herb Alpert play the trumpet on one these songs.

 I think you'll really enjoy listening to
THE BEACH while hanging out with your friends and have playing it in the background during a casual dinner party, boat cruise or a weekend car drive ~ I truly think the mood of this album just makes your body feel good !

All of the music on THE BEACH CD was recorded "Live" in the studio without any edits, cuts or re-takes. I played all the parts from start to finish on each song on all my keyboards. On the tracks with the trumpet solos, I imagine "Chris Botti" or "Herb Albert" playing the horn parts on those songs with me in the studio.

I hope you enjoy my little Chillout Groove music created from my fun romantic summer at

Love & Peace

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Stories from THE BEACH   
Lyrics - Notes - Pitures

1. Sunrise
Slowly the Sun appears on the
horizon on the ocean's edge

2. Waking Up on the Beach
The sun peaks into your ocean
beach house's living room floor

3. Flying Seagulls
The birds start to stir looking
for their first meal of the day ~

4. Life Guards Morning Swim
In the cool sea waters of the mornings...
they swim, they swim, they swim...
to prepare for their day's work on beach

5. The BEACH people
One by one they come today to enjoy the beach
People on their Cruiser Beach bikes
with the red wagons... filled with children's toys.
Today the beach is full of life ~ of summer fun

It is days like these that memories are created
for the young... lovers... mothers & fathers... sisters & brothers,
Even for Grandfathers that still ride the waves as
Grandma watches & sits on the edge of the waves...

Nothing can more perfect than this view on this day...

As the late afternoon's tide rolls in
The beach rests from the busy day
as the midnight "piper birds" appear for
their dinner on the water's edge ~

7. Big Ship Passing In the Night
In the dark they pass one by one
The beauty of the ship's lights glitters
against the midnight sky ~


8. Time for Us at The Beach
The candles softly glow on the deck the Champagne softly is chill in the silver bucket, and then you appear from the back door ~ the lights are low... the music plays ~ : ~ we dance... we kiss... we dine... we giggle from the champagne ~ ~
We are together alone on the beach
In the heat of aWarm embraced " known as a Kiss"

9. Catching Your Wave
Sometimes you can just kiss & touch someone and know that...
they are the one ~

The waves slowly start rolling in ....
crashing the shorelines until morning
when the tide rolls slowly back out to the sea

10. Sunday Morning Walking the Dogs

It's morning again... the coffee is on ... you open the sliding doors and greet the mornings sun

The beach is there today to greet your "newly" awaken soul it's time to walk THE BEACH dogs  :)

such the Life these puppies have!

11. Stories of the BEACH
also known as
"I will always love you forever and today"

The "week enders folks" have all left for home
& it's your time... it's your PARADISE ~

BEACH life runs through your heart & soul

Whether you visit the BEACH or lovingly live on the sandy dunes & shiny seas....

EVERYONE... will always have their own . . .
Stories from DAYS at the BEACH

Enjoy the my chillout album ~
Shirley :)

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